6 examples of 'pandas split column by delimiter' in Python

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4def split_and_expand(df, col, sep):
5 split_col = df[col].str.split(sep).apply(pd.Series, 1).stack()
6 split_col.index = split_col.index.droplevel(-1)
7 split_col.name = col
8 df = df.drop(col, axis=1).join(split_col)
9 df.reset_index(drop=True, inplace=True)
10 return df

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197def select_column(df, token):
198 column_name = token.value
199 if "." in column_name:
200 table_name, column_name = column_name.split(".", 1)
201 #TODO: Assert table name is correct
202 #TODO: Catch KeyError exception and raise error saying column does not exist
203 return df[column_name]
253def _split_dataframe(df, dense_columns):
254 """Split a DataFrame by creating groups of the same values for the dense dims."""
255 groups = {name: group for name, group in df.groupby(dense_columns)}
256 groups = convert_dictionary_keys_to_dense_indices(groups)
258 return groups
30def get_delimiter(df):
31 if df.empty:
32 print('Error: get_delimiter! Got empty df!')
33 pair = df.iloc[-1].pair
34 return '_' if '_' in pair else '-'
37def split(line):
38 """
39 Operator function for splitting a line with csv module
40 """
41 reader = csv.reader(StringIO(line))
42 return reader.next()
166def split(self, row):
167 splitter = (row.startswith('| ') and self._split_from_pipes
168 or self._split_from_spaces)
169 for value in splitter(row):
170 yield value
171 yield '\n'

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