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761def convert_month_day_to_date_time(self, df, year = 1970):
762 new_index = []
764 # TODO use map?
765 for i in range(0, len(df.index)):
766 x = df.index[i]
767 new_index.append(datetime.date(year, x[0], int(x[1])))
769 df.index = pandas.DatetimeIndex(new_index)
771 return df

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33def datesarray_to_datetimearray(dates: np.ndarray) -> np.ndarray:
34 """
35 Convert an pandas-array of timestamps into
36 An numpy-array of datetimes
37 :return: numpy-array of datetime
38 """
39 return dates.dt.to_pydatetime()
528def _convert_date_format(frame, date_format=None):
529 if date_format is not None:
531 def _convert(col):
532 if col.dtype.name == "datetime64[ns]":
533 return col.apply(lambda x: x.strftime(date_format))
534 return col
536 frame = frame.apply(_convert)
537 return frame
302def to_pandas(self) -> None:
303 '''Return a Pandas Index.
304 '''
305 raise NotImplementedError('Pandas does not support a year month type, and it is ambiguous if a date proxy should be the first of the month or the last of the month.')

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