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55def pickle_dict(items):
56 '''Returns a new dictionary where values which aren't instances of
57 basestring are pickled. Also, a new key '_pickled' contains a comma
58 separated list of keys corresponding to the pickled values.
59 '''
60 ret = {}
61 pickled_keys = []
62 for key, val in items.items():
63 if isinstance(val, basestring):
64 ret[key] = val
65 else:
66 pickled_keys.append(key)
67 ret[key] = pickle.dumps(val)
68 if pickled_keys:
69 ret['_pickled'] = ','.join(pickled_keys)
70 return ret

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114def load_dump(pickle_file):
115 with open(pickle_file, 'rb') as f:
116 data = pickle.load(f, encoding='bytes')
117 return data
298def dump_dict(self, obj):
299 raise NotImplementedError
36def savepickle(dct):
37 """ Save settings dict to the pickle file """
38 with open('h5config.pkl','wb') as f:
39 pickle.dump(dct, f, protocol=0)
686def dump(cls, obj, file_obj):
687 """Serialize object ``obj`` to open pickle file.
689 .. versionadded:: 1.8
691 :param obj: Python object to serialize
692 :type obj: Python object
693 :param file_obj: file handle
694 :type file_obj: ``file`` object
696 """
698 return pickle.dump(obj, file_obj, protocol=-1)
5def dump(obj, file_name):
6 with open(file_name, "wb") as f:
7 pickle.dump(obj, f)

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