4 examples of 'pytest assert exception' in Python

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538def test_pytest_fail():
539 try:
540 pytest.fail("hello")
541 except pytest.fail.Exception:
542 excinfo = _pytest._code.ExceptionInfo()
543 s = excinfo.exconly(tryshort=True)
544 assert s.startswith("Failed")
31def pytest_raises(exc_iter):
32 def decorator(f):
33 def wrapper(*args, **kwargs):
34 with pytest.raises(exc_iter):
35 f(*args, **kwargs)
36 return wrapper
37 return decorator
869def assertExpectedRaises(self, exc_type, callable, *args, **kwargs):
870 subname = None
871 if 'subname' in kwargs:
872 subname = kwargs['subname']
873 del kwargs['subname']
874 try:
875 callable(*args, **kwargs)
876 except exc_type as e:
877 self.assertExpected(str(e), subname)
878 return
879 # Don't put this in the try block; the AssertionError will catch it
880 self.fail(msg="Did not raise when expected to")
155def test_raises(self):
156 s = "qwe" # NOQA
157 raises(TypeError, "int(s)")

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