10 examples of 'python add quotes to string' in Python

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67def quote_string(value):
68 if isinstance(value, _str_type):
69 return '"%s"' % value
70 else:
71 return value

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815def quote_str(s):
816 # Puts quotes around 's' and escapes any double quotes and
817 # backslashes within it
819 return '"{}"'.format(escape(s))
41def _quote(s):
42 """Return a shell-escaped version of the string *s*."""
43 if not s:
44 return "''"
45 if six.PY3:
46 if _find_unsafe.search(s) is None:
47 return s
48 else:
49 for c in s:
50 if c not in _safechars:
51 break
52 else:
53 if not s:
54 return "''"
55 return s
57 # use single quotes, and put single quotes into double quotes
58 # the string $'b is then quoted as '$'"'"'b'
59 return '"' + s.replace('"', '"\'"\'"') + '"'
22def escape_quote(string):
23 return re.sub(r"[\"\']+", "", string)
8def quote(value):
9 return u"'{}'".format(u'{}'.format(value).replace(u"'", u"'\\''"))
176def _quote(s):
177 '''Given a string, returns a version that can be used literally on a shell
178 command line, enclosing it with single quotes if necessary.
180 As a special case, if given an int, returns a string containing the int,
181 not enclosed in quotes.
182 '''
183 if type(s) == int:
184 return '%d' % s
186 # Empty strings need to be quoted to have any significance
187 if s and not SHELL_QUOTE_RE.search(s) and not s.startswith('~'):
188 return s
190 # Single quoted strings can contain any characters unescaped except the
191 # single quote itself, which can't even be escaped, so the string needs to
192 # be closed, an escaped single quote added, and reopened.
193 t = type(s)
194 return t("'%s'") % s.replace(t("'"), t("'\\''"))
11def strip_quotes(string):
12 if string.startswith('"') and string.endswith('"'):
13 return string[1:-1]
14 return string
25def strip_quotes(s):
26 return s.replace('"', '')
333def quote(s):
334 return re_quote.sub("_", s)
170def _quote(value):
171 return '"{}"'.format(value)

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