3 examples of 'python append multiple items to list' in Python

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341def append_or_extend_list(lst, value):
342 if value is None:
343 return
344 elif isinstance(value, list):
345 lst.extend(value)
346 else:
347 lst.append(value)
368def append(self, value):
369 """Append value to the end.
371 Args:
372 value: Value to append
373 Raises:
374 ValueError: If value alread in self
375 TypeError: If value isn't hashable
376 """
377 self._append(value)
97def appendlist(self, key, value):
98 "Appends an item to the internal list associated with key"
99 self.setlistdefault(key, [])
100 dict.__setitem__(self, key, self.getlist(key) + [value])

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