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434def call_object_method(obj, method_name, method_args):
435 """
436 Dynamically call a method from a given object
438 @param obj: target object
439 @param method_name: name of a method to be called
440 @param method_args: dictionary of arguments to be passed to the target method
442 @return: returned value from calling the target method
443 """
445 return getattr(obj, method_name)(**method_args)
23def replace_method(klass, method_name, func):
24 m = new.instancemethod(func, None, klass)
25 setattr(klass, method_name, m)
22def __getattr__(self, name):
23 f = getattr(vm, name)
24 return f
26def _call_method_with(lib, name, *args):
27 if hasattr(lib, name):
28 getattr(lib, name)(*args)
29 else:
30 raise RuntimeError('failed to call %s' % name)
402def method(self, name_c: Optional[str] = None, **kwargs):
403 """Decorator. The same as ``.function()`` with ``wrap=True``."""
404 return self.function(name_c=name_c, wrap=True, **kwargs)
132def get_method(self, method_name):
133 method = getattr(self, method_name, None)
134 if not is_gilbert_method(method):
135 return None
136 return method
522def get_method(node, name):
523 """look for a method astng in the given class node or its ancestors
524 """
525 try:
526 return node.resolve_method(name)
527 except NotFoundError:
528 class_node = node.get_ancestor_for_method(name)
529 if class_node is not None:
530 # get astng for the searched method
531 return class_node.resolve_method(name)
532 raise NotFoundError(name)

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