How to use 'python call superclass method' in Python

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33def super(cls, method):
34 """Imitate super() in a mix-in.
36 This method is a substitute for
37 super(MixinClass, self).overloaded_method(arg),
38 which we can't use because mix-ins appear at the end of the MRO. It should
39 be called as
40 MixinClass.super(self.overloaded_method)(arg)
41 . It works by finding the class on which MixinMeta.__init__ set
42 MixinClass.overloaded_method and calling super() on that class.
44 Args:
45 method: The method in the mix-in.
46 Returns:
47 The method overloaded by 'method'.
48 """
49 for supercls in type(method.__self__).__mro__:
50 # Fetch from __dict__ rather than using getattr() because we only want
51 # to consider methods defined on supercls itself (not on a parent).
52 if ("__mixin_overloads__" in supercls.__dict__ and
53 supercls.__mixin_overloads__.get(method.__name__) is cls):
54 method_cls = supercls
55 break
56 return getattr(super(method_cls, method.__self__), method.__name__)

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