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125def has_method(object, name):
126 """Check if the given object has a method with the given name"""
127 method = getattr(object, name, None)
128 return inspect.ismethod(method)
152def is_staticmethod(obj):
153 return isinstance(obj, staticmethod)
25def _check_methods(C, *methods):
26 mro = C.__mro__
27 for method in methods:
28 for B in mro:
29 if method in B.__dict__:
30 if B.__dict__[method] is None:
31 return NotImplemented
32 break
33 else:
34 return NotImplemented
35 return True
32def test_has_classmethod():
33 """
34 Class based `generate_help` classmethod exists
35 """
36 sentinel = object()
37 # getattr returning default sentinel value means the att is missing
38 # some attributes are expected
39 assert getattr(AppConfig, "generate_help", sentinel) is not sentinel
40 assert getattr(ConfigRenamed, "gen_help", sentinel) is not sentinel
41 # another attributes shall be missing
42 assert getattr(ConfigEmptyName, "generate_help", sentinel) is sentinel
43 assert getattr(ConfigNoneName, "generate_help", sentinel) is sentinel
594def _is_method(self, pyfunction):
595 return isinstance(pyfunction, pyobjects.PyFunction) and \
596 isinstance(pyfunction.parent, pyobjects.PyClass)

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