10 examples of 'python check if string is date' in Python

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270def is_date(obj):
271 """Returns ``True`` if `obj` is an instance of ``datetime.date``."""
272 return isinstance(obj, datetime.date)

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60def isdatetime(datestring):
61 try:
62 d = datetime.datetime.strptime(datestring, '%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S')
63 if d:
64 return True
65 else:
66 return False
67 except Exception as e:
68 return False
53def validDate(date_string):
54 try:
55 datetime.datetime.strptime(date_string, _date_format)
56 except ValueError:
57 print("Date should be DD/MM/YYYY")
58 return False
59 return True
16def match_date(s):
17 matches = re.findall('[\\d-]{8,10}', s)
18 if matches:
19 return matches[0]
20 else:
21 return False
46def check_date(s):
47 dateFmt = "[\d]{4}-[\d]{2}-[\d]{2}T[\d]{2}:[\d]{2}:[\d]{2}Z"
48 if not re.match(dateFmt, s):
49 raise ValueError("Incorrect date format: ", s)
51 return True
15def validate(date_text):
16 try:
17 datetime.datetime.strptime(date_text, '%Y-%m-%d')
18 except ValueError:
19 #raise ValueError("Invalid Partition Table File")
20 sys.exit("Invalid Partition Table File")
9def valid_date(s):
10 return datetime.datetime.strptime(s, "%Y-%m-%d")
26def valid_date(s):
27 try:
28 return datetime.strptime(s, "%Y-%m-%d").date()
29 except ValueError:
30 msg = "Not a valid date: '{0}'.".format(s)
31 raise argparse.ArgumentTypeError(msg)
79def test_check_date():
80 assert check.check_date(date(2525, 2, 20))
28def valid_date(s):
29 try:
30 return parse_date(s)
31 except ValueError:
32 msg = "Not a valid date: '{0}'.".format(s)
33 raise argparse.ArgumentTypeError(msg)

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