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153def does_var_exist(self, name):
154 """ Check to see if a variable exists
156 This will perform semantical analysis by checking if a dclared variable already exists
158 Args:
159 name (str) : The name of the variable to check
160 Return:
161 bool : 'True' if it already exists and 'False' if it doesn't
162 """
163 for x in self.symbol_tree:
164 if x[0] == name: return True
165 return False
215def check(name):
216 if isinstance(name, ModuleName):
217 return False
218 return name.api_type == 'module'
50def test_variable(self):
51 """Try searching for variable declarations."""
52 self.found_lines_eq('var-decl:x', [
53 ('extern int <b>x</b>;', 2),
54 ('extern int <b>x</b>;', 6)])

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