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6def convert_string_to_float_int(string):
8 if isinstance(string, six.string_types):
9 try:
10 # evaluate the string to float, int or bool
11 value = literal_eval(string)
12 except Exception:
13 value = string
14 else:
15 value = string
17 # check if the the value is float or int
18 if isinstance(value, float):
19 if value.is_integer():
20 return int(value)
21 return value
22 return value

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84def to_float(num):
85 """Convert anything to float."""
86 return float(to_num(num))
141def int_or_float(x):
142 try:
143 return int(x)
144 except ValueError:
145 return float(x)
103def convert_string_to_float(string):
104 str_split = string.split('/')
105 return int(str_split[0]) / int(str_split[1]) # unit: mm
391def magic_int2float(magic_int):
392 """Convert a Python magic int into a 'canonic' floating-point number,
393 e.g. 2.7, 3.7. runtime error is raised if "version" is not found.
395 Note that there can be several magic_int's that map to a single floating-
396 point number. For example 3320 (3.5.a0), 3340 (3.5b1), and 3351 (3.5.2)
397 all map to 3.5.
398 """
399 return py_str2float(magicint2version[magic_int])

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