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14def decode(s, encoding=None):
15 encoding = encoding or DEFAULT_ENCODING
16 return s.decode(encoding, "replace")
41def decode(obj, encoding):
42 if isinstance(obj, bytes):
43 return obj.decode(encoding)
44 elif isinstance(obj, list):
45 return [decode(o, encoding) for o in obj]
46 return obj
8def decode_utf8(bytes):
9 return bytes.decode('utf-8')
55def decode(bytes_):
56 """Decode bytes with default locale and return (unicode) string
58 No-op if parameter is not bytes (assumed unicode string).
60 :param bytes bytes_: the bytes to decode
61 """
62 if isinstance(bytes_, unicode):
63 return bytes_
64 if isinstance(bytes_, bytes):
65 enc = _get_encoding()
66 return bytes_.decode(enc)
67 return unicode(bytes_)
22def decode_utf8(message, errors='strict'):
23 """Wrapper that prints the decoded message if an error occurs."""
24 try:
25 return message.decode('utf-8', errors=errors)
26 except UnicodeDecodeError as ex:
27 error_message = "{}. Original exception: {} Text: {}".format(unicode(ex), type(ex).__name__, repr(ex.args[1]))
28 raise UnicodeError, UnicodeError(error_message), sys.exc_info()[2]
17def decode(input, errors='strict'):
18 return codecs.utf_16_decode(input, errors, True)
13def decode_bytes_to_str(data: Union[bytes, bytearray], encoding: str = 'utf-8', errors: str = 'strict') -> str:
14 return data.split(b'\0', 1)[0].decode(encoding=encoding, errors=errors)
26def decode(s):
27 return s.decode() if isinstance(s, bytes) else s
58def decode(s):
59 return s.decode(ENCODING, 'ignore')
15def decode_string(v, encoding="utf-8"):
16 """ Returns the given value as a Unicode string (if possible).
17 """
18 if isinstance(encoding, str):
19 encoding = ((encoding,),) + (("windows-1252",), ("utf-8", "ignore"))
20 if isinstance(v, bytes):
21 for e in encoding:
22 try:
23 return v.decode(*e)
24 except:
25 pass
26 return v
27 return str(v)

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