3 examples of 'python dict equality' in Python

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112def __eq__(self, other):
113 '''od.__eq__(y) <==> od==y. Comparison to another OD is order-sensitive
114 while comparison to a regular mapping is order-insensitive.
116 '''
117 if isinstance(other, SortedDict):
118 return dict.__eq__(self, other) and all(_imap(_eq, self, other))
119 return dict.__eq__(self, other)

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305def __eq__(self, other):
306 if self is other:
307 return True
308 try:
309 if len(other) != len(self):
310 return False
311 except TypeError:
312 return False
313 if isinstance(other, OrderedMultiDict):
314 selfi = self.iteritems(multi=True)
315 otheri = other.iteritems(multi=True)
316 zipped_items = izip_longest(selfi, otheri, fillvalue=(None, None))
317 for (selfk, selfv), (otherk, otherv) in zipped_items:
318 if selfk != otherk or selfv != otherv:
319 return False
320 if not(next(selfi, _MISSING) is _MISSING
321 and next(otheri, _MISSING) is _MISSING):
322 # leftovers (TODO: watch for StopIteration?)
323 return False
324 return True
325 elif hasattr(other, 'keys'):
326 for selfk in self:
327 try:
328 other[selfk] == self[selfk]
329 except KeyError:
330 return False
331 return True
332 return False
716def __eq__(self, other):
717 return simple_eq(self, other, ['p', 'q', 'r'])

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