10 examples of 'python dictionary copy' in Python

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71def copy(self) -> 'Dict[K, V]':
72 """
73 Get a shallow copy of this dictionary.
75 Example:
76 >>> Dict({'key': 'value'}).copy()
77 Dict({'key': 'value'})
79 Return:
80 Copy of this dict
81 """
82 return Dict(self._d.copy())

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311def copy(self):
312 return self.__class__(self._data.copy())
35def copy(self):
36 return self.__copy__()
22def copy(self):
23 dict = dict.copy(self)
24 dict._keys = self._keys[:]
25 return dict
7def deep_copy(cls, attr_dict):
8 copy = AttrDict(attr_dict)
9 for key, value in list(copy.items()):
10 if isinstance(value, AttrDict):
11 copy[key] = cls.deep_copy(value)
12 return copy
164def copy(self):
165 return self.__class__(self.name, self.client, self.serializer)
150def copy(self):
151 return self._data.copy()
347def _deep_copy(obj):
348 if isinstance(obj, list):
349 return [_deep_copy(v) for v in obj]
350 if isinstance(obj, dict):
351 return EasyDict({k: _deep_copy(obj[k]) for k in obj})
352 return deepcopy(obj)
526def copy(self):
527 """Return a mutable copy of this object."""
528 return self.__deepcopy__({})
188def __deepcopy__(self, memo):
189 import django.utils.copycompat as copy
190 result = self.__class__('', mutable=True, encoding=self.encoding)
191 memo[id(self)] = result
192 for key, value in dict.items(self):
193 dict.__setitem__(result, copy.deepcopy(key, memo), copy.deepcopy(value, memo))
194 return result

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