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221def _exit(n):
222 _exit_(n)
307def exit_miro(return_code):
308 """Exits Miro.
309 """
310 sys.exit(return_code)
255def _exit_function():
256 global _exiting
258 info('process shutting down')
259 debug('running all "atexit" finalizers with priority >= 0')
260 _run_finalizers(0)
262 for p in active_children():
263 if p._daemonic:
264 info('calling terminate() for daemon %s', p.name)
265 p._popen.terminate()
267 for p in active_children():
268 info('calling join() for process %s', p.name)
269 p.join()
271 debug('running the remaining "atexit" finalizers')
272 _run_finalizers()
25def exit(i=None):
26 raise SystemExit('')
33def exit_gracefully(*arguments):
34 sys.exit(1)
313def __exit__(self, exception_type, exception_value, traceback):
314 self.close()
26def __exit__(self, exc_type, exc_value, traceback):
27 print("Exiting")
240def __exit__(self, *args):
241 del sys.path[-1]

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