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39def cython_ext(name):
40 return cython_module('pylire', 'process', 'ext', name)
412def name(self):
414 """
415 returns:
416 desc: The name of the extension, i.e. the extension class name.
417 type: unicode
418 """
420 return safe_decode(self.__class__.__name__, enc=u'utf-8')
41def _GetId(self):
42 return self.comp.par.opshortcut.eval() or self.comp.name
20def extension_name(path):
21 """Returns the name of the extension in the path passed as argument.
23 Args:
24 path (str): path where the extension resides
26 Returns:
27 The extension name or None if path doesn't match the format
28 for Spack's extension.
29 """
30 regexp_match = re.search(extension_regexp, os.path.basename(path))
31 if not regexp_match:
32 msg = "[FOLDER NAMING]"
33 msg += " {0} doesn't match the format for Spack's extensions"
34 tty.warn(msg.format(path))
35 return None
36 return regexp_match.group(1)

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