10 examples of 'python flush stdout' in Python

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66def flush(s):
67 pass
1131def run():
1132 for s in self._buffer:
1133 if self._raw:
1134 self._cli.output.write_raw(s)
1135 else:
1136 self._cli.output.write(s)
1137 self._buffer = []
1138 self._cli.output.flush()
47def flush(fd):
48 sys.stdout.flush()
278def flush(self):
279 try:
280 self._stream.flush()
281 except Exception as e:
282 complain('%s.flush: %r from %r' % (self.name, e, self._stream))
283 raise
55def write_stdout(out):
56 sys.stdout.write(out)
57 sys.stdout.flush()
191def flush(self):
192 """ flush the output file (if it exists) """
193 if self.have_log:
194 self.of.flush()
72def flush(self, q):
73 for x in q:
74 self._l.info(x["_raw"].rstrip())
23def flush(*arg):
24 pass
93def flush(self, f=sys.stdout):
94 f.flush()
35def flush(self):
36 self._terminal.flush()

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