How to use 'python for loop dict' in Python

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365def FOR(self, node):
366 """
367 Process bindings for loop variables.
368 """
369 vars = []
370 def collectLoopVars(n):
371 if hasattr(n, 'name'):
372 vars.append(
373 else:
374 for c in n.getChildNodes():
375 collectLoopVars(c)
377 collectLoopVars(node.assign)
378 for varn in vars:
379 if (isinstance(self.scope.get(varn), Importation)
380 # unused ones will get an unused import warning
381 and self.scope[varn].used):
383 node.lineno, varn, self.scope[varn].source.lineno)
385 self.handleChildren(node)

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