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80def get_computer_name():
81 """Return the Computer Name of this Mac"""
82 return networksetup('-getcomputername')
266def ComputerName(self) -> Text:
267 """Get the assigned computer name string.
269 Returns:
270 The name string assigned to this machine.
271 """
272 return spec.GetModule().GetHostname()
30def get_computer_name(self):
31 return self.computer.name
373def GetComputerNameW(lpBuffer, lpnSize):
374 return GetComputerNameW.ctypes_function(lpBuffer, lpnSize)
102def GetFQDN():
103 return socket.getfqdn()
316def get_windows_username():
317 '''
318 Return the user name of the currently logged in user as a unicode string.
319 Note that usernames on windows are case insensitive, the case of the value
320 returned depends on what the user typed into the login box at login time.
321 '''
322 username = plugins['winutil'][0].username
323 return username()
282def findName(pid):
283 s = lib.FindName(pid)
284 return f_str(s)
7def hostname():
8 """Get hostname."""
9 return socket.gethostname()

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