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178def lexicographic(alphabet):
179 for n in count():
180 for e in product(alphabet, repeat = n):
181 yield e

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141def __iter__(self):
142 for i in range(len(self)):
143 yield self._flip[i]
32def _generateAlphabet(needle, haystack):
33 alphabet = {}
34 for letter in haystack:
35 if letter not in alphabet:
36 letterPositionInNeedle = 0
37 for symbol in needle:
38 letterPositionInNeedle = letterPositionInNeedle << 1
39 letterPositionInNeedle |= int(letter != symbol)
40 alphabet[letter] = letterPositionInNeedle
41 return alphabet
639def _force_alphabet(record_iterator, alphabet):
640 """Iterate over records, over-riding the alphabet (PRIVATE)."""
641 # Assume the alphabet argument has been pre-validated
642 given_base_class = _get_base_alphabet(alphabet).__class__
643 for record in record_iterator:
644 if isinstance(_get_base_alphabet(record.seq.alphabet), given_base_class):
645 record.seq.alphabet = alphabet
646 yield record
647 else:
648 raise ValueError(
649 "Specified alphabet %r clashes with "
650 "that determined from the file, %r" % (alphabet, record.seq.alphabet)
651 )

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