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63def interrupt_(event):
64 event.app.exit(exception=KeyboardInterrupt, style='class:aborting')

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31def _handle_interrupt(signum, frame):
32 click.echo('Exiting upon user request!')
33 sys.exit(0)
31def on_interrupt(signum, frame):
32 # It's necessary to release lockfile
33 sys.exit()
83def handleKeyboardInterrupt(signalNumer, frame):
84 for t in threads:
85 t.stop()
126def KeyboardInterruptHandler(_signal, _frame):
127 print("Ctrl-C detected")
128 engine.shutdown()
129 sys.exit(0)
390def on_interrupt(self, node): # ()
391 """Interrupt handler."""
392 self._interrupt = node
393 return node
159def interrupt(self):
160 "Interrupt a running process. Return the exit value."
161 s = self._intf
162 fo = s.fileobject()
163 fo.interrupt()
164 s.wait_for_prompt()
165 s.send("echo $?\r")
166 s.readline()
167 ret = s.readline()
168 s.wait_for_prompt()
169 ret = ExitStatus("<interrupted process>", int(ret)<<8)
170 return ret
109def test_interrupt(self, monkeypatch):
110 def my_raise(*args):
111 raise KeyboardInterrupt()
112 mock_cmd = Mock(side_effect=my_raise)
113 monkeypatch.setattr(Run, "execute", mock_cmd)
114 pytest.raises(KeyboardInterrupt, cmd_main, [])

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