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101def __contains__(self, value):
102 return value in self._dict
6def rcontains(obj, seq):
7 """Act like contains, but takes reverse argument order.
9 Motivation: use it like ge, le, gt, lt etc. (aka operator(value, const))
10 """
11 return contains(seq, obj)
981def ll_listcontains(lst, obj, eqfn):
982 lng = lst.ll_length()
983 j = 0
984 while j < lng:
985 if eqfn is None:
986 if lst.ll_getitem_fast(j) == obj:
987 return True
988 else:
989 if eqfn(lst.ll_getitem_fast(j), obj):
990 return True
991 j += 1
992 return False

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