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92def _log10(x):
93 if isinstance(x, complex) or x < 0:
94 return cmath.log10(x)
95 else:
96 return math.log10(x)
431def log10(self):
432 return theano.tensor.log10(self)
85def log10(self, x): pass
84def log10(arg):
85 return _generate_intrinsic_function_expression(arg, 'log10', math.log10)
54def trylog10(value):
55 if (value
179@lower(cmath.log10, types.Complex)
180def log10_impl(context, builder, sig, args):
181 LN_10 = 2.302585092994045684
183 def log10_impl(z):
184 """cmath.log10(z)"""
185 z = cmath.log(z)
186 # This formula gives better results on +/-inf than cmath.log(z, 10)
187 # See http://bugs.python.org/issue22544
188 return complex(z.real / LN_10, z.imag / LN_10)
190 res = context.compile_internal(builder, log10_impl, sig, args)
191 return impl_ret_untracked(context, builder, sig, res)

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