10 examples of 'python matrix multiplication without numpy' in Python

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153def MultTranspose(self, x, y):
154 r"""MultTranspose(AbstractSparseMatrix self, Vector x, Vector y)"""
155 return _matrix.AbstractSparseMatrix_MultTranspose(self, x, y)
88def MultTranspose(self, x, y):
89 r"""MultTranspose(ComplexOperator self, Vector x, Vector y)"""
90 return _complex_operator.ComplexOperator_MultTranspose(self, x, y)
201def MultTranspose(self, x, y):
202 r"""MultTranspose(OperatorHandle self, Vector x, Vector y)"""
203 return _handle.OperatorHandle_MultTranspose(self, x, y)
313def mul_dense(x, y): # pragma: no cover
314 """Numba-accelerated element-wise multiplication of two dense matrices.
315 """
316 return x * y
286def mult(self, x):
287 """Multiplication from right-hand side (dot product)."""
288 part1 = (np.dot(np.transpose(x), self.EV).T*self.mul).reshape(-1, 1)
289 return self.EV.dot(part1).reshape(-1,)
106def Mult(self, x, y):
107 r"""Mult(Operator self, Vector x, Vector y)"""
108 return _operators.Operator_Mult(self, x, y)
28def matrix_vector_mul(a, b):
29 """
30 a: A theano matrix
31 b: A theano vector
32 Returns the matrix-vector product of a and b
33 """
35 return T.dot(a, b)
171def test_mul_array(self):
172 self.check_array_array_op(operator.mul)
293def MultTranspose(self, x, y):
294 r"""MultTranspose(BlockLowerTriangularPreconditioner self, Vector x, Vector y)"""
295 return _blockoperator.BlockLowerTriangularPreconditioner_MultTranspose(self, x, y)
1033def __matmul__(self, other):
1034 """
1035 Performs matrix multiplication (infix operator: @). See PEP 465)
1036 """
1037 return binaryMatrixFunction(self, other, 'dot')

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