How to use 'python move file' in Python

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32def move_file(file_name, new_name):
34 print("Moving File '{}' to '{}'".format(file_name, new_name))
36 # Try to rename the file
37 try:
38 os.rename(file_name, new_name)
39 except OSError as e:
40 print("Error moving file")
41 print(e)

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464def move_file(src, dest):
465 """Move source file to destination.
467 Overwrites dest.
469 Args:
470 src: str or path-like. source file
471 dest: str or path-like. destination file
473 Returns:
474 None.
476 Raises:
477 FileNotFoundError: out path parent doesn't exist.
478 OSError: if any IO operations go wrong.
480 """
481 try:
482 os.replace(src, dest)
483 except Exception as ex_replace:
484 logger.error("error moving file %s to "
485 "%s. %s", src, dest, ex_replace)
486 raise

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