5 examples of 'python move files to another directory' in Python

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15def move_file(source_folder, filename, destin_folder):
16 files = os.listdir(source_folder)
17 if filename in files:
18 shutil.move(source_folder+"/" + filename,destin_folder)

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52def smart_move(source_path, dest_path):
53 _smart_move_or_copy(io.move, source_path, dest_path)
15def move_file(path, target_path):
16 target_dir = os.path.dirname(target_path)
17 if not os.path.exists(target_dir):
18 os.makedirs(target_dir)
19 shutil.move(path, target_path)
74def move_files(self,root,remaining_modules):
75 """
76 Goes through each path in the dictionary and moves it to "root/self.unused_directory/"
77 Once finished it prints out the total number of files moved.
78 """
79 try:
80 for key in remaining_modules:
81 os.rename(remaining_modules[key],root + "/" + self.unused_directory + "/" + key)
82 print "Moved %d files" % len(remaining_modules)
83 except OSError as err:
84 print("Unable to move files: {0}".format(err))
85 print("Target destination: " + self.unused_directory)
422def copy_files(src_dir, dst_dir, names):
423 os.makedirs(dst_dir, exist_ok=True)
424 rm_files(dst_dir)
425 for name in names:
426 src_path = os.path.join(src_dir, name)
427 dst_path = os.path.join(dst_dir, name)
428 shutil.copy(src=src_path, dst=dst_path)

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