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52def show_popup_menu(icon, button, time, *data):
53 if button == 3:
54 menu.popup(None, None, None, 0, time)
55 return
478def createPopup(self):
479 raise NotImplementedError()
455def Popup(self):
456 """Pops up the frame with the tree."""
457 comboBoxSize = self.GetSize()
458 x, y = self.GetParent().ClientToScreen(self.GetPosition())
459 y += comboBoxSize[1]
460 width = comboBoxSize[0]
461 height = 300
462 self._popupFrame.SetSize(x, y, width, height)
463 # On wxGTK, when the Combobox width has been increased a call
464 # to SetMinSize is needed to force a resize of the popupFrame:
465 self._popupFrame.SetMinSize((width, height))
466 self._popupFrame.Show()

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