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30def get_python_executable() -> str:
31 '''
32 Gets the absolute path of the executable binary for the Python interpreter.
33 '''
34 if not sys.executable:
35 raise RuntimeError('Unable to get the path to the Python executable.')
36 return sys.executable
6def _add_to_python_path(p):
7 if p not in sys.path: sys.path.append(p)
24def python(self):
25 return self.get_binary('python')
22def get_python_process():
23 py_proc = sys.executable
24 if not py_proc:
25 raise RuntimeError("Cannot retrieve current Python executable.")
26 return py_proc
14def is_python(path):
15 '''Whether the given file is Python.'''
16 if path is not None:
17 return run(['file', path]).find('Python') >= 0
18 else:
19 return False

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