How to use 'python re find first' in Python

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337def findall(self, string, pos=0, endpos=None):
338 # Return a list of all non-overlapping matches of pattern in string.
339 if not endpos is None:
340 string = string[:endpos]
341 all = []
342 while True:
343 m =, pos)
344 if m is None:
345 break
346 span = m.span()
347 if not m.groups():
348 all.append(string[span[0]:span[1]])
349 else:
350 all.append(tuple([group or '' for group in m.groups()]))
351 pos = span[1]
352 return all
353 # Next line bugs in FF2
354 return list(string[pos:].match(self.findall_code))

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