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410def do_EOF(self, line): # It catches Ctrl+D
411 print('^D')
412 return True
62def do_EOF(dummy):
63 return True
274def do_EOF(self, argv):
275 print()
276 self.do_exit(argv)
860def help_EOF(self):
861 print """EOF
862Handles the receipt of EOF as a command."""
281def do_EOF(self, arg):
282 """Save changes and exit"""
283 db.close()
284 return True
166def read_history_file(self, filename=None):
167 '''Load a readline history file. The default filename is ~/.history.'''
168 if filename is None:
169 filename = self.mode._history.history_filename
170 log("read_history_file from %s" % ensure_unicode(filename))
171 self.mode._history.read_history_file(filename)

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