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280def readlines(self):
281 """Read and return the list of all logical lines remaining in the
282 current file."""
284 lines = []
285 while True:
286 line = self.readline()
287 if line is None:
288 return lines
289 lines.append(line)
1033def readlines(filename):
1034 f = open(filename)
1035 try:
1036 return f.readlines()
1037 finally:
1038 f.close()
42def readLines(in_file):
43 """Returns a list of lines from a input markdown file."""
45 with open(in_file, 'r') as inf:
46 in_contents = inf.read().split('\n')
47 return in_contents
11def read_input(file):
12 for line in file:
13 yield line.rstrip()
42def read_line(filename):
43 """help function to read a single line from a file. returns none"""
44 try:
45 f = open(filename)
46 line = f.readline().strip()
47 f.close()
48 return line
49 except IOError:
50 return None

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