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45def findRemove(listR, value):
46 """used to test if a value exist, if it is, return true and remove it."""
47 try:
48 listR.remove(value)
49 return True
50 except ValueError:
51 return False
154def test_remove_on_list(test_lists):
155 """Test remove work for node in list."""
156 test_lists[2].remove(4)
157 assert test_lists[2].size() is 4
392def _check_remove_item(the_list, item):
393 """Helper function for merge_lists that implements checking wether an items
394 should be removed from the list and doing so if needed. Returns ``True`` if
395 the item has been removed and ``False`` otherwise."""
396 if not isinstance(item, basestring):
397 return False
398 if not item.startswith('~'):
399 return False
400 actual_item = item[1:]
401 if actual_item in the_list:
402 del the_list[the_list.index(actual_item)]
403 return True
556def Remove(self,obj):
557 """
558 Remove(self: ArrayList,obj: object)
560 Removes the first occurrence of a specific object from the System.Collections.ArrayList.
564 obj: The System.Object to remove from the System.Collections.ArrayList. The value can be null.
565 """
566 pass
146def remove(self, item):
147 super().remove(item)
149 if item not in self:
150 item.lists.remove(self)
68def remove(self, item):
69 """Handle the removal of an item in this list via an API Call"""
70 response = super(APIList, self).remove(item)
71 self._update(self.__build_args())
72 return response
576def __reduce_ex__(self, *args): #cannot find CLR method
577 pass
579def __repr__(self, *args): #cannot find CLR method
580 """ __repr__(self: object) -> str """
581 pass
583Count = property(lambda self: object(), lambda self, v: None, lambda self: None) # default
584"""Gets the number of elements contained in the System.Collections.ObjectModel.ReadOnlyCollection instance.
298def remove(self, value):
299 self.__remove_value(value)

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