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13def repeat(object, times = 0):
14 yield object
38def repeat(obj, nrepeat=None):
39 """Generator to repeatedly yield the same object
41 Args:
42 obj (any): The object to yield
44 Kwargs:
45 nrepeat (int): The number of times to repeatedly yield obj
46 """
47 if nrepeat is None:
48 return itertools.repeat(obj)
49 else:
50 return itertools.repeat(obj, times=nrepeat)
657def test_repeat(self):
658 ref = range(0, 1024, 4)
659 ll = dllist(ref)
660 self.assertEqual(ll * 4, dllist(ref * 4))
93def fillRepeat(container, func, n):
94 return container(func() for _ in xrange(n))

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