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740def _get_body(response):
741 return response.content
17async def request_body(self):
18 ''' Returns the body of the current request. '''
19 if self.request.has_body:
20 return await self.request.text()
21 return {}
24def request_body():
25 return StringIO('TESTS')
215def raw_body(self):
216 return self._raw_body
339def read_body(self):
340 """ Returns the string body that was read off the request, or
341 the empty string if there was no request body.
343 Requires a content-length header. Caches the body so multiple
344 calls to read_body() are free.
345 """
346 if not hasattr(self, '_cached_body'):
347 length = self.get_header('content-length')
348 if length:
349 length = int(length)
350 if length:
351 self._cached_body = self.protocol.rfile.read(length)
352 else:
353 self._cached_body = ''
354 return self._cached_body

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