10 examples of 'python string to bytes' in Python

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37def to_bytes(str_or_bytes, encoding=ENCODING):
38 if isinstance(str_or_bytes, str):
39 return str_or_bytes.encode(encoding)
40 return str_or_bytes

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53def bytes(string, encoding=None):
54 """."""
55 return str(string)
43def to_bytes(s):
44 if bytes != str:
45 if type(s) == str:
46 return s.encode('utf-8')
47 return s
95def to_bytes(data, encoding="UTF-8"):
96 """
97 Converts the given string to an array of bytes.
98 Returns the first parameter if it is already an array of bytes.
100 :param data: A unicode string
101 :param encoding: The encoding of data
102 :return: The corresponding array of bytes
103 """
104 if type(data) is bytes:
105 # Nothing to do
106 return data
107 return data.encode(encoding)
40def to_bytes(s):
41 if PY2:
42 if isinstance(s, unicode):
43 return s.encode('utf8')
44 return s
45 else:
46 if isinstance(s, str):
47 return s.encode('utf8')
48 return s
41def to_bytes(data):
42 """Takes an input str or bytes object and returns an equivalent bytes object.
44 :param data: Input data
45 :type data: str or bytes
46 :returns: Data normalized to bytes
47 :rtype: bytes
48 """
49 if isinstance(data, six.string_types) and not isinstance(data, bytes):
50 return codecs.encode(data, TEXT_ENCODING)
51 return data
10def to_bytes(s, encoding=None, errors=None):
11 '''Convert *s* into bytes'''
12 if not isinstance(s, bytes):
13 return ('%s' % s).encode(encoding or 'utf-8', errors or 'strict')
14 elif not encoding or encoding == 'utf-8':
15 return s
16 else:
17 d = s.decode('utf-8')
18 return d.encode(encoding, errors or 'strict')
18def to_bytes(text):
19 if isinstance(text, string_type):
20 text = text.encode('utf-8')
21 return text
20def _str_to_bytes(s):
21 warnings.warn(
22 "_str_to_bytes is deprecated and will be removed in pyuvdata version 2.2. "
23 "For an input string s, this function is a thin wrapper on s.encode('utf8'). "
24 "The use of encode is preferred over calling this function.",
25 DeprecationWarning,
26 )
27 return s.encode("utf8")
104def strtobyte(s):
105 return bytes(s, encoding="ascii")

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