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213def gen_uuid():
214 import uuid
216 return uuid.uuid4()
5def gen_uuid(apps, schema_editor):
6 ComponentUsage = apps.get_model('marketplace', 'ComponentUsage')
7 for row in ComponentUsage.objects.all():
8 row.uuid = uuid.uuid4().hex
9 row.save(update_fields=['uuid'])
158def uuid():
159 return uuid4().hex
12def new_uuid():
13 return uuid.uuid1()
322def next(self):
323 uid = uuid.uuid4()
324 if self.format == 'uuid':
325 return uid
326 else:
327 return getattr(uid, self.format)
162def _str_uuid():
163 return base62.encode(uuid.uuid4().int)

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