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34def get_uuid5(str_in):
35 """ make a UUID using a SHA-1 hash of a namespace UUID and a name
36 @param str_in 输入字符串
37 """
38 s = uuid.uuid5(uuid.NAMESPACE_DNS, str_in)
40 return str(s)
1110def uuid_converter(uuid):
1111 return str(uuid)
88def full_uuid_str(self):
89 """Return a string representation of the full UUID (128-bit)"""
90 return str(UUID(bytes=str(self._uuid)))
27def encode_uuid(id):
28 uuid_portion = str(id).split("/")[1]
29 as_int = uuid.UUID(uuid_portion).int
30 return base62.encode(as_int)
32def tupleToUUID(t):
33 return uuid.UUID(int=tupleToBigEndian(t))
162def _str_uuid():
163 return base62.encode(uuid.uuid4().int)
99def __str__(self):
100 return "%s" % self.uuid
158def uuid():
159 return uuid4().hex
46def get_uuid():
47 return str(uuid.uuid4()).replace("-", "")
8def get_uuid():
9 return uuid.uuid4().hex

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