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939def writelines(self, sequence): # File-like object.
941 """This calls write() for each element in the sequence. The sequence
942 can be any iterable object producing strings, typically a list of
943 strings. This does not add line separators There is no return value.
944 """
946 for s in sequence:
947 self.write(s)
65def writelines(self, lines):
66 """ Log a series of lines excluding trailing whitespace """
68 for line in lines:
69 self.write(line)
70 return 1
185def writelines(self, *args):
186 for f, line in zip(self._files, args):
187 f.write(line)
53def writelines(self, lines):
54 if self.closed:
55 raise ValueError("I/O operation on closed file")
56 self.stream.writelines(lines)
57 self.pos += len("".join(lines))

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