How to use 'pytorch change tensor type' in Python

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99def astensor(self, tensor_in, dtype='float'):
100 """
101 Convert to a PyTorch Tensor.
103 Args:
104 tensor_in (Number or Tensor): Tensor object
106 Returns:
107 torch.Tensor: A multi-dimensional matrix containing elements of a single data type.
108 """
109 try:
110 dtype = self.dtypemap[dtype]
111 except KeyError:
112 log.error('Invalid dtype: dtype must be float, int, or bool.')
113 raise
115 tensor = torch.as_tensor(tensor_in, dtype=dtype)
116 # Ensure non-empty tensor shape for consistency
117 try:
118 tensor.shape[0]
119 except IndexError:
120 tensor = tensor.expand(1)
121 return tensor

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67def reformat_tensor_(tensor):
68 tensor = tensor.transpose(0, 2, 1)
69 tensor = tensor.squeeze()
70 return tensor[tensor != -1].view(-1, 1)

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