9 examples of 'qtextedit get text' in Python

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139def get_text(self):
140 """ Get the text in the document.
142 """
143 return self.widget.text()

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88def getText(self):
89 return self.w_text.get_edit_text()
110def getSelectedText(self):
111 return unicode(self.textCursor().selectedText())
741def getTextEdit(self):
742 """
743 return the text of the edit
744 """
745 return self.edit
215def insertPlainText(self, text):
216 self.insertText(text)
95def full_text(self):
96 if self._text is None :
97 self._text = self.toPlainText()
98 return self._text
280def textEdit(self):
281 return self.editor.textEdit
16def editText(self) -> str:
17 return self.model.edit_text
325def find_text(self, text, changed=True,
326 forward=True, case=False, words=False):
327 """Find text"""
328 # findFirst(expr, re, cs, wo, wrap, forward, line, index, show)
329 if changed or not forward:
330 line_from, index_from, _line_to, _index_to = self.getSelection()
331 self.setCursorPosition(line_from, max([0, index_from-1]))
332 return self.findFirst(text, False, case, words,
333 True, forward, -1, -1, True)

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