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88def activation(self, z):
89 return z
112def activation_leaky_relu(alpha):
113 with tf.variable_scope("leaky_relu"):
114 def op(inputs):
115 return tf.maximum(alpha * inputs, inputs, name='leaky_relu')
116 return op
7def relu(input_matrix):
8 output = np.maximum(input_matrix, 0, input_matrix)
10 return output
271def lrelu(self, input, leaky_value, name):
272 return lrelu(input, leaky_value, name=name)
61def _activation():
62 return Activation("relu")
136def ReLu(x):
137 return theano.tensor.switch(x<0, 0, x)
15def f(z):
16 return z
515def activation(self, input_signal):
517 """
518 Linear activation applied to input provided
520 Args:
521 input_signal (numpy.array): the input numpy array
523 Returns:
524 numpy.array: the output of the Linear function applied to the input
525 """
527 return input_signal
16def linear_activation(x):
17 return x
38def lrelu(x, alpha=0.2):
39 return T.nnet.relu(x, alpha)

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