10 examples of 'remove item from dictionary python' in Python

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236def remove(self, k, v):
237 defaultdict.__getitem__(self, k).remove(v)
238 self._key_value.remove((k,v))
239 if not dict.__getitem__(self,k):
240 del self[k]
241 self._keys.remove(k)

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73def dictRemove(dct, value):
74 try:
75 del dct[value]
76 except KeyError:
77 pass
60def remove(self, dict):
61 word_lang = dict.index_language
62 self.dictionaries[word_lang].remove(dict)
63 if len(self.dictionaries[word_lang]) == 0:
64 del self.dictionaries[word_lang]
226def __delitem__(self, y): # real signature unknown; restored from __doc__
227 """ x.__delitem__(y) <==> del x[y] """
228 pass
224def __delitem__(self, key):
225 """ Remove the entry with the passed key """
226 del(self._dict[key])
227 del(self._keys[self._keys.index(key)])
183def __delitem__(self, key):
184 dict.__delitem__(self, key)
185 self._keys.remove(key)
88def __delitem__(self, key):
89 """Delete a word from vocabulary.
91 Note:
92 To maintain consecutive IDs, this operation implemented
93 with a complexity of \\theta(n).
94 """
95 del self.word_id[key]
96 self.id_word = dict(enumerate(self.words))
97 self.word_id = {w: i for i, w in iteritems(self.id_word)}
41def __delitem__(self, key):
42 value = self[key]
43 del self.index[getattr(value, self.index_field)]
44 super(IndexDict, self).__delitem__(key)
38def __delitem__(self, key):
39 index=self._key_to_index.pop(key)
40 self._items.pop(index)
41 self._key_to_index.update(((key,_index-1) for (key,_index) in self._key_to_index.items() if _index>index))
135def __delete__(self, k):
136 self.__key__(k)

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