4 examples of 's3 put_object' in Python

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231def s3put(bucket, access_key, secret_key, prefix, key_prefix, files):
232 args = [
233 '--bucket', bucket,
234 '--prefix', prefix,
235 '--key_prefix', key_prefix,
236 '--grant', 'public-read'
237 ] + files
239 run_boto_script(access_key, secret_key, 's3put', *args)

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748def put_object_with_data(self, bucket, object, input_content, content_type='', headers=None, params=None):
749 '''
750 Put object into bucket, the content of object is from input_content
751 '''
752 return self.put_object_from_string(bucket, object, input_content, content_type, headers, params)
29def put_object(self, key: str, data):
30 print("正在上传到阿里云:", key)
31 res = self._bucket.put_object(key, data.encode('gbk'))
32 print(res.__dict__)
33 return res.status == 200
38def create_presigned_url_put(object_name, expiration=3600): # Generate a presigned URL to upload an S3 object
39 bucket_name = os.environ.get('BucketName')
40 s3_con = boto3.client('s3')
41 url=s3_con.generate_presigned_url('put_object',
42 Params={'Bucket': bucket_name,
43 'Key': object_name,
44 'ContentType': settings.S3_content_type
45 },
46 ExpiresIn=expiration
47 )
48 return url

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