6 examples of 'script to click button on webpage' in Python

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339def click_button(self):
340 """
341 Click the button on the page, which triggers an ajax
342 call that updates the #output div.
343 """
344 self.q(css='div#fixture button').first.click()
1904def add_script(self,scriptContent,scriptTagId):
1905 """
1906 Loads script content into a new script tag in the Selenium document. This
1907 differs from the runScript command in that runScript adds the script tag
1908 to the document of the AUT, not the Selenium document. The following
1909 entities in the script content are replaced by the characters they
1910 represent:
1912 <
1913 >
1914 &
1916 The corresponding remove command is removeScript.
1918 'scriptContent' is the Javascript content of the script to add
1919 'scriptTagId' is (optional) the id of the new script tag. If specified, and an element with this id already exists, this operation will fail.
1920 """
1921 self.do_command("addScript", [scriptContent,scriptTagId,])
26def click(self, times_to_click: int = 1):
27 for _ in range(times_to_click):
28 self.find_element().click()
29 self.driver.info('Tap on %s' % self.name)
30 return self.navigate()
201def click_submit_button(driver):
202 xpath = "//button[text()='Submit Order']"
204 LOGGER.info("Waiting for submit button to become clickable")
205 wait_until_clickable(driver, xpath=xpath, duration=10)
207 LOGGER.info("Clicking submit button")
208 driver.find_element_by_xpath(xpath).click()
766def submit(self,formLocator):
767 """
768 Submit the specified form. This is particularly useful for forms without
769 submit buttons, e.g. single-input "Search" forms.
771 'formLocator' is an element locator for the form you want to submit
772 """
773 self.do_command("submit", [formLocator,])
183def submit(self, css_selector, wait_for_reload=True, auto_follow=None, window_closes=False):
184 """
185 Submit the form using the input given in the CSS selector
186 """
187 self.click(css_selector, wait_for_reload=wait_for_reload, window_closes=window_closes)

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