10 examples of 'selenium find element by title' in Python

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507def wait_for_title_contains(self, partial_title, timeout):
508 """Wait for page title to contain partial_title
510 :Args:
511 - partial_title: expected partial title
512 - timeout: time to wait (in seconds)
513 """
514 wait = WebDriverWait(self, timeout)
515 message = 'Timeout waiting for title to contain \'{}\''.format(partial_title)
516 wait.until(ec.title_contains(partial_title), message=message)

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5def find_element(driver, locator):
6 return WebDriverWait(driver, 2).until(
7 EC.presence_of_element_located(locator))
54def find_by_text(self, tag, text):
55 return self.wait_until_visible((By.XPATH,"//" + tag + "[contains(.,'" + text + "')]"))
529def wait_for_title_not_contains(self, partial_title, timeout):
530 """Wait for page title to not contain partial_title
532 :Args:
533 - partial_title: not expected partial title
534 - timeout: time to wait (in seconds)
535 """
536 wait = WebDriverWait(self, timeout)
537 message = 'Timeout waiting for title to not contain \'{}\''.format(partial_title)
538 wait.until_not(ec.title_contains(partial_title), message=message)
690def get_sefaria_lib_title(self):
691 return self.get_object_by_css_selector('#panel-undefined h1, .singlePanel h1').text
501def find_option_by_text(self, text):
502 return self.find_by_xpath(
503 '//option[normalize-space(text())="%s"]' % text,
504 original_find="option by text",
505 original_query=text,
506 )
120def find_element_by_link_text(self, *args, **kwargs):
121 return self.__getattr_from_webdriver_or_webelement__('find_element_by_link_text')(*args, **kwargs)
27def click(self, element):
28 element.click()
29 self.body = self.wait_for_body()
30 self.set_shortcuts()
57def get_title_text(driver, css_class):
58 el = driver.find_element_by_css_selector(css_class)
59 return el.find_element_by_css_selector('div.bk-input-group > div.bk-slider-title').text
421def is_element_not_present_by_text(self, text, wait_time=None):
422 return self.is_element_not_present(self.find_by_text, text, wait_time)

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