10 examples of 'selenium python click button' in Python

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27def click(self, element):
28 element.click()
29 self.body = self.wait_for_body()
30 self.set_shortcuts()

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305def click(self):
306 self.wait_for_element().click()
307 self.wait_for_invisibility_of_element()
100def click(self, selector):
101 self.element(selector).click()
339def click_button(self):
340 """
341 Click the button on the page, which triggers an ajax
342 call that updates the #output div.
343 """
344 self.q(css='div#fixture button').first.click()
21def click(button="left", clicks=1):
22 _check_button(button)
23 controller.click(Button[button], clicks)
250def click(self, element, by=0, check=None):
251 '''Click with retry.
253 :param check
254 :type check: int
255 :example check: lambda: self.wait().util(EC.new_window_is_opened())
256 '''
257 self.click_by(element, by=by)
258 # if check is None or not callable(check):
259 # raise TypeError('check must be callable.')
260 if callable(check):
261 check()
26def click(self, times_to_click: int = 1):
27 for _ in range(times_to_click):
28 self.find_element().click()
29 self.driver.info('Tap on %s' % self.name)
30 return self.navigate()
35def test_click_link_by_text(self):
36 "should allow to click link by text"
37 self.browser.click_link_by_text('FOO')
38 assert "BAR!" in self.browser.html
123def test_click(browser):
124 assert len(browser.classes('#a_button')) == 0
125 browser.click('#a_button')
126 assert 'clicked' in browser.classes('#a_button')
109def _double_click(self, locator, dont_wait='', coordinates=None):
110 self._click_or_click_at(locator, self._selenium.double_click,
111 self._selenium.double_click_at, coordinates,
112 dont_wait)

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