How to use 'set precision in python' in Python

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263def precision(self):
264 """
265 The precision to be used when formatting the output of the PV
267 Returns
268 -------
269 prec : int
270 The current precision value
271 """
272 return self._prec

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232def precision_changed(self, new_precision):
233 """
234 Callback invoked when the Channel has new precision value.
235 This callback also triggers an update_format_string call so the
236 new precision value is considered.
238 Parameters
239 ----------
240 new_precison : int or float
241 The new precision value
242 """
243 if self.precisionFromPV and new_precision != self._prec:
244 self._prec = new_precision
245 if self.value is not None:
246 self.value_changed(self.value)

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