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15def reverse_str(string):
16 rev_list=[]
17 new_list=list(string)
18 while new_list:
19 rev_list += new_list[-1]
20 new_list.pop()
21 return ''.join(rev_list)

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812def test_returns_original_string_if_unreversible(self):
813 self.assertEqual(reverse(''), '')
814 self.assertEqual(reverse('x'), 'x')
815 self.assertEqual(reverse('!!!'), '!!!')
5def test_reverse_string(self):
6 self.assertEqual(reverse_string("I make things beep bop beep bop"),"pob peeb pob peeb sgniht ekam I")
7 self.assertEqual(reverse_string("Write code write code"),"edoc etirw edoc etirW")
8 self.assertEqual(reverse_string("Reverse this Last One"),"enO tsaL siht esreveR")
9 print("\nPassed reverse_string with no errors!")
30def reverse(string):
31 n = len(string)
33 # Create a empty stack
34 stack = createStack()
36 # Push all characters of string to stack
37 for i in range(0,n,1):
38 push(stack,string[i])
40 # Making the string empty since all
41 #characters are saved in stack
42 string=""
44 # Pop all characters of string and
45 # put them back to string
46 for i in range(0,n,1):
47 string+=pop(stack)
49 return string

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