8 examples of 'string to boolean python' in Python

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225def _check_boolean(string):
226 """Attempt to convert a string to a boolean variable if matches."""
227 if string in ['True', 'true']:
228 return True
229 elif string in ['False', 'false']:
230 return False
231 else:
232 return string
7def bool_(string):
8 if string == 'True':
9 return True
10 elif string == 'False':
11 return False
12 else:
13 raise Exception()
21def string_to_bool(string):
22 return bool(strtobool(str(string)))
305def _parse_bool(string):
306 if string == 'true':
307 return True
308 else:
309 return False
138def StringToBool(s):
139 if s is True or s is False:
140 return s
141 s = str(s).strip().lower()
142 return not s in ['false','f','n','0','']
22def str2bool(string):
23 return string.lower() in ['yes', 'true', 't', 1]
181def to_bool(s):
182 if s.lower() in ("yes", "1", "true", "t", "y"):
183 return True
184 return False
345def boolean(s):
346 """Test whether a string is a Tk boolean, without error checking."""
347 if s.lower() in ('', '0', 'no', 'off', 'false'): return 0
348 else: return 1

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